Dyffransow ynter amendyansow a "Keskows Devnydhyer:West Virginian"

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::Gorhemmynadow a'n gwella, <font size="+1">☮</font> [[User talk:QuartierLatin1968|yn-medh]] [[User:QuartierLatin1968|Owen]]. [[Image:Flag of Canada.svg|30px|]] 16:13, 8 February 2006 (UTC)
Hey Caponer, no need to apologize. I'm not sure the jynn-treylyer is a sham exactly, it just doesn't work smoothly or perfectly. (It also inserts accent marks which nobody uses when writing Cornish!) I think it could be useful if you had a good working grasp of Cornish grammar and sentence structure, but not vocabulary &ndash; it would just be a short-hand for looking up every word in a dictionary. Mind you, the words it gives you are sometimes wrong too (sort of like George W Bush once writing on his term paper that "lacerates were streaming down his face"!). Also, please don't be turned off of Cornish Wikipedia -- there are lots of things you can do around here even if your knowledge of Cornish is limited. For example, you can translate infoboxes on countries and languages; you can fix linking and redirects; you can add short stubs on various topics. I usually try to expand such stubs, if nobody else does. Yeghes da, <font size="+1">☮</font> [[User talk:QuartierLatin1968|yn-medh]] [[User:QuartierLatin1968|Owen]]. [[Image:Flag of Canada.svg|30px|]] 23:52, 8 February 2006 (UTC)