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Hey Caponer, excellent work! If you're looking for another wee project, how would you feel about making stubs and infoboxes for the various [[planet]]s? Oh, by the way, no need to be so diligent about making categories &ndash; I usually don't make a category for a topic unless there are at least 3-5 articles or so I can put in there. Word, <font size="+1">☮</font> [[User talk:QuartierLatin1968|yn-medh]] [[User:QuartierLatin1968|Owen]]. [[Image:Flag of Canada.svg|30px|]] 02:34, 15 February 2006 (UTC)
Hey! Awesome, yeah; I think I was thinking of the French infoboxes as they would have existed a year or so ago. But they've gotten to have a huge amount of information on them, and I'm not sure Cornish has words for most of these terms! (You don't have the GLKK Meur or NJA Williams' dictionary do you? I've only got the GLKK Kres, and I find myself stretched at times.) But no, what you've done for [[Mergher (planet)|Mergher]] is lovely. (I've been thinking about writing articles about the corresponding gods, so having planet articles as well just makes sense... And actually Mergher would be the most important of these gods, for the Celtic peoples.)
Yeah, Kolorado and Konnektykut could be possibilities. Kolorado, in particular, seems uncontroversial to me... although I'd lean to something more like Konnettikot for CT. (As you can see, instead I balked, since this is such new territory for Cornish; with Meksiko Nowydh I feel like I'm on safer ground!) I guess technically Arizona should be Arisona, since Kemmyn doesn't have a letter Z. As far as I know, there isn't a Cornish name for Hampshire. In Latin it was ''Pars Belgarum'', which we could cornicize, but that would be getting insanely adventurous.
I find myself constantly hesitating over names that can be just considered foreign and left as is, or else could be cornicized using a neologism. It's a real dilemma. I'm sure other Cornish speakers look at some of the names used here and just scratch their heads. But try getting any of them to contribute feedback! Perhaps I should be proactive and use Govel Geryow. <font size="+1">☮</font> [[User talk:QuartierLatin1968|yn-medh]] [[User:QuartierLatin1968|Owen]]. [[Image:Flag of Canada.svg|30px|]] 04:03, 17 February 2006 (UTC)