Dyffransow ynter amendyansow a "Keskows Devnydhyer:West Virginian"

==Bejedh an dhevnydhyoryon==
Oh, I thought of another thing; is there anything you'd like to see changed/fixed in the various commands (like "Ke", "Folennow ow kevrenna bys omma", and so on), or else additional characters you'd like to see in the special character pull-down whatsit, I mean the bit that now starts with £ € $ ª ' " – — ² µ « » ° → when you're editing a page... After probably a year or more as a sysop here, I've finally figured out how I can change these things! So let me know if you're dying to have the entire Cyrillic alphabet there, or whatever. <font size="+1">☮</font> [[User talk:QuartierLatin1968|yn-medh]] [[User:QuartierLatin1968|Owen]]. [[Image:Flag of Canada.svg|30px|]] 17:56, 8 Meurth 2006 (UTC)
== CcTLD ==
Heya, I've been puzzling over the whole [[:Template:CcTLD|CcTLD]] thing; I've made some changes, but I really can't think of a good Cornish translation for domain (in the internet sense). I don't think the usual suspects like ''mestrynses'' are right. My current version, ''kodennow kenedhlek a ughella nivel'' just means "national codes of the highest level" which I adapted loosely from the [[en:Dominio de Nivel Superior geográfico|Spanish equivalent]].
Anyhow, great to have you back! The Cornish-speaking Americas have never looked so good! <font size="+1">☮</font> [[User talk:QuartierLatin1968|yn-medh]] [[User:QuartierLatin1968|Owen]]. [[Image:Flag of Canada.svg|30px|]] 01:04, 11 Meurth 2006 (UTC)