Dyffransow ynter amendyansow a "Keskows Devnydhyer:West Virginian"

No, Honori looks good to me. Cornish doesn't usually have a problem with H'es. Adrian's funny though isn't it — I wonder why we sometimes see Hadrian and sometimes Adrian. There must be a story there. As for the 1000th article, it's all yours, man! You've earned it, and I'm on vacation! <font size="+1">☮</font> [[User talk:QuartierLatin1968|yn-medh]] [[User:QuartierLatin1968|Owen]]. [[Image:Flag of Canada.svg|30px|]] 21:57, 7 Ebryl 2006 (UTC)
[[Cheshire|Konteth Cheshire]]. --[[User:Caponer|Caponer]] 17:01, 8 Ebryl 2006 (UTC)