Dyffransow ynter amendyansow a "Keskows Devnydhyer:QuartierLatin1968"

If you have a minute, any chance you could pop over to the [[en:British Isles]] page where "Ynysow Predennek" is in danger of being removed from the info-box for want of a reference. Any help would be appreciated. [[Special:Contributions/|]] 12:52, 20 Genver 2009 (UTC) (a.k.a [[en:User:Endrick Shellycoat|<font face="american uncial" color="red"><b><i>Endrick</i></b></font>]])
Hi QuartierLatin1968! Could you please delete this nonsense article: [[Afro-Asiatek]]? Thanks and greetings from Switzerland!--[[User:Holder|Holder]] 11:35, 12 Hwevrer 2009 (UTC)