State of Indiana
Baner Indiana Sel Indiana
(Baner Indiana) (Sel Indiana)
Lavar: Crossroads of America
Leshanow: The Hoosier State
Map of USA IN.svg
Kenedhel Flag of the United States.svg Statys Unys Amerika
Pennsita Indianapolis
Brassa sita Indianapolis
Governour Eric Holcomb (Repobloger)
Enep 94,321 km² (38ves)
 - Tir 92,897 km²
 - Dowr 1,424 km² (1.5%)
Poblans (2000)
 - Sommenn 6,080,485 a drigoryon (14ves)
 - Doesedh 65.46 triger/km² (16ves)
Dydhyans pan entras y'n Unyans
 - Dydhyans 11ves Du 1816
 - Reyth 19ves
Senedhoryon an SU
 - Henavek Joe Donnelly (Demokratek)
 - Bacheler Todd Young (Repobloger)
Berrheans an Post IN
Hanow an drigoryon Indianian
Amser UTC -5/-4, -6/-5
Kodenn kesroesweyth

Indiana yw stat yn Statys Unys Amerika.

Citys yn IndianaChanjya

1 Indianapolis 829,718
2 Fort Wayne 253,691
3 Evansville 117,429
4 South Bend 101,168