Keslowena menystror! Bodrugan (keskows) 11:56, 13 Genver 2015 (UTC)

Oll-galosek ov vy!!!! Mwahhahaha! 幽Sweorcan (keskows) 11:59, 13 Genver 2015 (UTC)

ogh drog yw! Breusys on ny, breusys my a leverel dhewgh! Bodrugan (keskows) 12:07, 13 Genver 2015 (UTC)
Gromercy dhis rag an noten! Gwir yw, nyns ov vy "active" obma. Chons da, agan menystror nowyth! ☮ yn-medh Owen. 18:36, 13 Genver 2015 (UTC)


Dynnargh dhe'n wiasva! Gwir yw nag esov ow spena meur a dermyn omma na hwath, mes y'n termyn a dheu y halsen omdhiskwedhes a dermyn dhe dermyn... ytho wolkom os dhe weles pyth a yllydh gul gans agan godhoniador Kernewek. Yth esen omma nebes bledhynnyow ytho my a wor fatla ober oll, mara'th eus edhom a weres po mars eus govynnow dhis y hyllydh prest gasa messach war ow folen gows ha my a worthyp skonna gylliv. --Moon (keskows) 13:05, 18 Genver 2015 (UTC)

Meur ras bras, ha gwrav - neges bos menystror yw nowydh dhymm, dyski tabm ha tabm! 幽Sweorcan (keskows) 16:02, 18 Genver 2015 (UTC)


Thank you for using VisualEditor and sharing your ideas with the developers.

Hello, Sweorcan,

The Editing team is asking for your help with VisualEditor. I am contacting you because you have switched out of VisualEditor several times. Please tell them what they need to change to make VisualEditor work for you, so that you didn't need to switch to the wikitext editor. The team has a list of top-priority problems, but they also want to hear about small problems. These problems may make editing less fun, take too much of your time, or be as annoying as a paper cut. The Editing team wants to hear about and try to fix these small things, too. 

You can share your thoughts by clicking this link. You may respond to this quick, simple, anonymous survey in your own language. If you take the survey, then you agree your responses may be used in accordance with these terms. This survey is powered by Qualtrics and their use of your information is governed by their privacy policy.

More information (including a translateable list of the questions) is posted on wiki at mw:VisualEditor/Survey 2015. If you have questions, or prefer to respond on-wiki, then please leave a message on the survey's talk page.

Thank you, Whatamidoing (WMF) (talk) 20:57, 25 Meurth 2015 (UTC)

Your temporary access has expiredChanjya

Hello, the temporary access you requested on this wiki has expired. Just to let you know that If you want it back, feel free to make a local announcement and open a new request on stewards' permission request page on Meta-Wiki later. Moreover, if you think the community is big enough to elect a permanent administrator, you can place a local request here for a permanent adminship, so stewards can grant you the permanent access. Please ask me or any other steward if you have any questions. Thank you! Stryn (keskows) 05:18, 13 Gortheren 2015 (UTC)

You are invited!Chanjya

You are invited...

The Celtic Knot: Wikipedia Language Conference - Programme now live.

  • Hosts: The University of Edinburgh and Wikimedia UK
  • Supporting: Celtic & Indigenous Languages.
  • Objective: The main objective for Celtic Knot 2017 is the coming together of practitioners in the same room at same time; strengthening the bonds of those working to support language communities into a 'knot' and leading into action. Attendees can expect to learn about and discuss innovative approaches to open education, open knowledge and open data that support and grow language communities.
  • Date: 6 July 2017 - Booking is now open.

Stinglehammer (keskows) 22:01, 22 Me 2017 (UTC)