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==Welsh towns and Communities==
Hi all! I've just added 700 new articles on Welsh towns and communities on Irish and [https://gd.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roinn-se%C3%B2rsa:Bailtean_anns_a%27_Chuimrigh Scottish Gaelic] wikis. I'll develop [[Wici Rhuthun 1/Rhuthun|this article on my home town of Rhuhun]], in case you would like similar articles in Kerneweg. Could do the same with villages in Kernyw, too, should you wish;. seePlease correct / evaluate [[Birchgrove|this one]]. [[Devnydhyer:Wici Rhuthun 1|Wici Rhuthun 1]] ([[Keskows Devnydhyer:Wici Rhuthun 1|keskows]]) 11:18, 22 Ebrel 2014 (UTC)