Corrections #1, April 2020


In many articles you have written: Yw esel a parti demokratek. If you start with 'yw' you are asking a question, not making a statement. You've written 'Is a member of a democratic party?' You also reallyl need an parti demokratek', the Democratic Party'. Two options: Ev/Hi yw esel a'n parti demokratek Esel a'n parti demodrated yw (ev/hi) (adding 'ev' or 'hi' is optional in this case)

You've also written esel a chi kanasedhoryon In Cornish 'the house of representatives' is 'chi an ganasedhow' (the usual plural, but, if you prefer, 'chi an ganasedhoryon'). When you have 'esel a' before that it becomes 'esel a ji an ganasedhow'. However, if you want 'Georgia's house of representatives' the 'an' between 'chi' and 'kanasedhow' is deleted, giving 'esel a ji kanasedhow Jeorji', or if it's the US house of representatives' you need 'esel a ji kanasedhow an Statys .

A number of articles need amending along these lines.

Thank you for telling me! I'll fix them all later today. Gazamp (keskows) 20 Ebr 2020 da 09:17 (UTC)

 YI've fixed Andrew Cuomo, Stacey Abrams, Nicola Sturgeon and Chuck Schumer. Jay Inslee was fixed by yourself and Gretchen Whitmer by another user (I think). If there's anything else I can do, please let me know. Thanks once again for telling me! Gazamp (keskows) 20 Ebr 2020 da 17:17 (UTC)



Hi Gazamp, do you have any experience in creating new infoboxes in Cornish. I want to create an infobox for chemical elements. I don't know how to create them or link them to wikidata. Grateful for any input you can give, Brwynog (keskows) 23:21, 8 Kevardhu 2020 (UTC)BrwynogReply

@Brwynog: I'm guessing you're looking for something like en:Template:Infobox element? Let me know which/how much of the template(s) you need, and I can try and translate them over when I get a moment. Meur ras, Gazamp (keskows) 00:19, 9 Kevardhu 2020 (UTC)Reply

Hi Gazamp, thanks for the message re. Welsh articles on Cornish wikipedia. One already exists in Welsh, the other is a long translation of little worth. To be honest, they don't inspire me to translate them. I suggest we delete them. Brwynog (keskows) 21.09, 19 Genver 2021 (UTC)

Hi, I figured this would be the case - they don't seem to be on the most interesting topics! Thanks for having a look though, I'll file a deletion request on metawiki when I get a chance. Oll an gwella, Gazamp (keskows) 21:32, 19 Genver 2021 (UTC)Reply

Election graphs


Hi Gazamp, I know you've had more experience than me in creating wikipedia pages about elections. I had trouble in a recent article about Mary Robinson ( in incorporating the graphs from this article - . If you compare the two articles, you can see what I managed and failed to do. Are you able to help? Meur ras Brwynog (keskows) 19.13, 05 Gwynngala 2022 (UTC)

@Brwynog: Hi! I think the trouble is the bars just don't have any colour at the moment. In a similar template on Etholans lewydhek an Statys Unys, 2020, you can see that where the party name is, there is actually a string like this: "#E81B23". This string tells the bar template what colour it should use by basically substituting it in from Skantlyn:Parti Repoblikanek/meta/color. I haven't done these templates for any Irish parties, so they probably don't exist yet.
Enwiki doesn't use these any more, so you have to go and track the hexcode on the en:Module:Political party - there's an alphabetical contents at the bottom of the documentation section. Then that hexcode can be put on the template page here so it looks something like this: <nowiki>#E81B23</nowiki>. The nowiki tags just stop the hash symbol from turning into a numbered list. Then you can use it to get the party colours on anything you need. Hopefully that helps, let me know if anything's unclear! Meur ras, Gazamp (keskows) 17:51, 5 Gwynngala 2022 (UTC)Reply
Thanks Gazamp, I've given it a go, and I can get the bars for the colours, but it doesn't seem to recognise the command for bar percent. I've tried a straight translation, to no avail. Any ideas? Here is the article as it is now - Brwynog (keskows) 20:05, 15 Gwynngala 2022 (UTC)Reply
@Brwynog: It was just because the party names were in the space that the template looks for the percentage in - I've fixed it, so you should be able to just copy that if you need to in future. Let me know if you need anything though! Oll an gwella, Gazamp (keskows) 23:46, 15 Gwynngala 2022 (UTC)Reply
Thanks for the help - gromerci dhis rag an gweres.Brwynog (keskows) 13:20, 16 Gwynngala 2022 (UTC)Reply