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Dynnargh! Splann o gweles dha erthygel a-dro dhe Virjynni West, mes res yw dhis godhvos an jynn-treylyer dhe askorra atal (dell yw klerhes y'n Bennfolenn). Drog lowr o an Kernewek y'th erthygel, mes treweythyow gweth hwath yw an pyth a dheu dhiworth an medhelweyth na. Ny wonn hwath pyth yw "gwrewgh amontya" ha rakhenna ny allav y ewnhe. Pandr'a wrussys jynn-skrifa y'n dowlenn?
Welcome! It was great to see your article about West Virginia, but you need to know that the translation software produces garbage (as is explained on the Main Page). The Cornish in your article was fairly bad, but often what comes out of that software is even worse. I still don't know what "gwreugh amontya" is supposed to mean - literally it is something like "do calculate" - so I can't correct it. What did you type into the translation program?
Y'n kynsa le,, an spas "User" a berghenn dhe'n devnydhyer y honan. Keworr dha gows y'n spas "User talk" mar pleg! ¶ Y'n nessa le, kler yw Caponer dhe dhalleth an erthygel yn KUA. Yth esa kammow y'n tekst a skrifas, sur, mes gwell via aga hewnhe yn KUA. Nyns yw Wikipedi rag Kernewek Kemmyn yn unnik! ¶ Ha trysa, meur ras a'th kevro, Caponer. Wolkomm yw; mes ewn yw dhe leverel bos an jynn-treylyer leun a gammow.
Y'n kensa le,, an spas "User" a berghen dhe'n devnydhyer y honan. Kewor dha gows y'n spas "User talk" mar pleg! ¶ Y'n nessa le, cler yw Caponer dhe dhalleth an erthygel yn KUA. Yth esa cammow y'n text a screfas, sur, mes gwell vya aga hewnhe yn KUA. Nyns yw Wykypedy rag Kernowek Kemyn yn unyk! ¶ Ha tresa, muer ras a'th kevro, Caponer. Wolcum yw; mes ewn yw dhe leverel bos an jyn-trelyer luen a gammow.
In the first place,, the "User" area belongs to the user himself. Please add your comments in the "User talk" space! ¶ In the second place, it's clear that Caponer began the article in UCR. There were mistakes in what he wrote, true, but it would be better to correct them in UCR. Wikipedia's not for Kernewek Kemmyn alone! ¶ And third, thanks for your contribution, Caponer. It's welcome; but is right to say that the translation engine is full of mistakes.
Gorhemmynadow a'n gwella, yn-medh Owen. 16:13, 8 February 2006 (UTC)

Diharesow gwir. Ny vynna dha dhigolonnhe, Caponer. Ha ny skrifis KUA saw drefenn na wonn skrifa KUA. Da yw gweles erthyglow yn py furv pynag. Drog yw genev arta.
Sincere Apologies. I didn't want to discourage you, Caponer. And I didn't write UCR only because I can't. It's good to see articles in any kind of Cornish. I'm sorry. User:

Hey Caponer, no need to apologize. I'm not sure the jynn-treylyer is a sham exactly, it just doesn't work smoothly or perfectly. (It also inserts accent marks which nobody uses when writing Cornish!) I think it could be useful if you had a good working grasp of Cornish grammar and sentence structure, but not vocabulary – it would just be a short-hand for looking up every word in a dictionary. Mind you, the words it gives you are sometimes wrong too (sort of like George W Bush once writing on his term paper that "lacerates were streaming down his face"!). Also, please don't be turned off of Cornish Wikipedia -- there are lots of things you can do around here even if your knowledge of Cornish is limited. For example, you can translate infoboxes on countries and languages; you can fix linking and redirects; you can add short stubs on various topics. I usually try to expand such stubs, if nobody else does. Yeghes da, yn-medh Owen. 23:52, 8 February 2006 (UTC)

Hullo again. Please, stop, you're making me blush! :-) Yeah, 'Senate' is really tricky to translate in Cornish – especially for countries like Australia, the US, or Canada where the Senate is the upper house of a two-chamber parliament (Senedh). For the US we could possibly get away with translating Congress as Kuntelles (at least that's Ken George's equivalent in GLKK Kres)... But it seems odd somehow.
Translating infoboxes is great; we had one user (Chamdarae) who hasn't been around for awhile, but he did tremendous work along that line. He made stubs for most of the countries of Europe, a ton of languages, lots of categories, etc. Your US state template is great, I think (yeah, aren't the French infoboxes pretty? I always like to compare fr and en and see just how different they can be!). Just one thing: You won't have to upload many flags or coats of arms in kw, because most of them are already in Commons. As a result, they can be embedded automatically; that'll save you some trouble.
Oh, incidentally, NJA Williams gives two UCR translations for Virginia: Vyrjynia and Pow an Werhes (=Pow an Wyrghes in KK, that is "land of the virgin"). Take your pick. I like stat better to translate "state" – we use it anyway in "Statys Unys", and to me gwlas implies something bigger and perhaps independent. Of course, pow can also be used to mean "province", but it's really like pays/country in the old-fashioned sense of the term (e.g. "your part of Yorkshire is a beautiful country" or pays bigouden, a tiny sliver of Finistere). All right, must stop babbling, yn-medh Owen. 03:04, 9 February 2006 (UTC)

Hey Caponer, excellent work! If you're looking for another wee project, how would you feel about making stubs and infoboxes for the various planets? Oh, by the way, no need to be so diligent about making categories – I usually don't make a category for a topic unless there are at least 3-5 articles or so I can put in there. Word, yn-medh Owen. 02:34, 15 February 2006 (UTC)

Planettys golegi

Hey! Awesome, yeah; I think I was thinking of the French infoboxes as they would have existed a year or so ago. But they've gotten to have a huge amount of information on them, and I'm not sure Cornish has words for most of these terms! (You don't have the GLKK Meur or NJA Williams' dictionary do you? I've only got the GLKK Kres, and I find myself stretched at times.) But no, what you've done for Mergher is lovely. (I've been thinking about writing articles about the corresponding gods, so having planet articles as well just makes sense... And actually Mergher would be the most important of these gods, for the Celtic peoples.)

Yeah, Kolorado and Konnektykut could be possibilities. Kolorado, in particular, seems uncontroversial to me... although I'd lean to something more like Konnettikot for CT. (As you can see, instead I balked, since this is such new territory for Cornish; with Meksiko Nowydh I feel like I'm on safer ground!) I guess technically Arizona should be Arisona, since Kemmyn doesn't have a letter Z. As far as I know, there isn't a Cornish name for Hampshire. In Latin it was Pars Belgarum, which we could cornicize, but that would be getting insanely adventurous.

I find myself constantly hesitating over names that can be just considered foreign and left as is, or else could be cornicized using a neologism. It's a real dilemma. I'm sure other Cornish speakers look at some of the names used here and just scratch their heads. But try getting any of them to contribute feedback! Perhaps I should be proactive and use Govel Geryow. yn-medh Owen.   04:03, 17 February 2006 (UTC)

Amerika golegi

Dude, you're a machine! I love it. :-) Thanks so much for all your latest contributions. I think I'll play around a little with the colours of your two latest templates; otherwise, I can't see a thing wrong with what you're doing. Can't wait till your dictionary arrives – it will be good for one of us to have Williams' and the other George's and Nance's, so we can get a comparison. Williams of course writes in UCR, which is different from what you've been doing, but that's good; we should have more UCR here. (I like UCR actually, I just like Kemmyn better! At least until they figure out an official standard.) yn-medh Owen.   17:13, 8 Meurth 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Bejedh an dhevnydhyoryon golegi

Oh, I thought of another thing; is there anything you'd like to see changed/fixed in the various commands (like "Ke", "Folennow ow kevrenna bys omma", and so on), or else additional characters you'd like to see in the special character pull-down whatsit, I mean the bit that now starts with £ € $ ª ' " – — ² µ « » ° → when you're editing a page... After probably a year or more as a sysop here, I've finally figured out how I can change these things! So let me know if you're dying to have the entire Cyrillic alphabet there, or whatever. yn-medh Owen.   17:56, 8 Meurth 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

CcTLD golegi

Heya, I've been puzzling over the whole CcTLD thing; I've made some changes, but I really can't think of a good Cornish translation for domain (in the internet sense). I don't think the usual suspects like mestrynses are right. My current version, kodennow kenedhlek a ughella nivel just means "national codes of the highest level" which I adapted loosely from the Spanish equivalent.

Anyhow, great to have you back! The Cornish-speaking Americas have never looked so good! yn-medh Owen.   01:04, 11 Meurth 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Asi...? golegi

Would you fill like filling in some of the blanks here... yn-medh Owen.   01:23, 20 Meurth 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Gwlasow yn Asi
Asi West Afghanistan | Arabi Saoudek | Armeni | Aserbayjan | Bahreyn | Ejyp | Konna Gasa | Glann West | Pow Grousi | Irak | Iran | Jordan | Katar | Koweyt | Kyproes | Lebnon | Oman | PUA | Syri | Turki | Yemen | Ysrael
Asi Soth Bangladesh | Bhoutan | Eynda | Maldivys | Nepal | Pakistan | Shri Lanka
Asi Gres Pow Kasagh | Pow Kyrgys | Pow Ousbek | Russi | Pow Tajik | Pow Turkmen
Asi Est China (Hong Kong, Makaw, Taywan) | Korea Dhyhow | Korea Gledh | Nihon | Mongoli
Asi Soth-Est Byrmani | Bruney | Indonesi | Filipinys | Kamboji | Pow Lao | Malaysi | Singapour | Pow Tay | Timor Est | Vietnam

Sub-sorting golegi

Yeah, that'd be wonderful if it wouldn't drive you insane. :-) Except, obviously, for those cases where we've got other stubs (or where it seems like we should have). I was thinking that European geo-stubs deserve a template of their own. (Articles for the years from 1900 to 1985 need to be sorted with {{stokk-blydhen}} as well... It was just that Category:Stokkys had gotten to be huge.) But please, do as much stub-sorting as you want, with my heartfelt blessings! yn-medh Owen.   21:36, 28 Meurth 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Honorius golegi

No, Honori looks good to me. Cornish doesn't usually have a problem with H'es. Adrian's funny though isn't it — I wonder why we sometimes see Hadrian and sometimes Adrian. There must be a story there. As for the 1000th article, it's all yours, man! You've earned it, and I'm on vacation! yn-medh Owen.   21:57, 7 Ebryl 2006 (UTC)

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