en This user is a native speaker of English.
kw-3 An devnydhyer-ma a wor skrifa Kernewek orth nivel avoncys.
Yethow devnydhyoryon
Eur Benarth...

Dydh da!, folen devnydhyer Sweorcan a'gas dynergh! Menystror Wikipedia Kernewek ov. An folen ma a re nebes derivadow a-dro ow gwelva vy an Wikipedya ma. Dre vras, y fydhav ow skrifa erthyglow nowydh lies aga testennow, mes yn arbennik, poltigieth, skians, istori (ugensves kansvledhen yn arbennik). Ynwedh yth esov owth oberi orth an rol ma, hag ow kwruthyl erthyglow may ma kevrennow rudh ha my aga havos.

Wikipedia Sowsnek yw aswonnys yn ta genev, ha'n neges taklow kepar ha formattya, ton, 'klewder', ha'n gwel puptra hedna yw didheurek dhymm. Kyn na vydh nevra an Wikipedia ma mar vras, my a vynn bos pypynag ynno a hevel spladn ha bos fenten dhe les rag Kernewegoryon (ha dyskadoryon) vysybel dre'n bys oll.

Yn SWF y fia erthyglow nowydh gwrys genev, dre vras yn SWF-M mes nebes anedha a via SWF-T mars yw ewna rag an testen an erthygel. Ynwedh y hallav vy golegi erthyglow yn KK mars yw henna orgraf an erthygel.

Lowen ov dhe woslowes dhyworthowgh orth ow folen keskows. Yn kig yn kneus omma a drigav vy.

Hello! Welcome to my user page. I'm an administrator of the Cornish Wikipedia. This page gives some points outlining my approach to writing pages for the Cornish Wikipedia. Mostly I'm working on articles in subject areas in which I'm interested; politics and politicians, some science subjects, history (especially twentieth century). I'm also, bit by bit, working on creating pages from this list, and also creating at least stubs for many redlinks when I find them.

I'm very familiar with the English Wikipedia, and I'm particularly interested in things like formatting, look and feel and tone. Although this wikipedia is never going to be huge, I want what's here to look good and be a valuable resource for Cornish speakers and learners.

All the pages I create will be in the SWF, generally that'll be SWF-M but occasionally in SWF-T if that's more appropriate for the article. I'm also able to edit in KK if that's the orthography of the article.

I'd love to hear from you on my talk page. My real life body lives somewhere near here.

Policiow draft


'Th esov vy owth oberi orth pajer polici nowydh. // I'm working on four new policies:

  1. Medrasow Wikipedya Kernowek (Objectives of the Cornish Wikipedya)
  2. Eghennow Kernowek (Varieties of Cornish)
  3. Sowsnek y'n Wikipedya ma (Use of English in this Wikipedia)
  4. Menystroryon (Administrators)