Hi Davydh! I've created an infobox, which takes its feed from Wikidata: Skantlyn:Pethau; it will do everything which isn't alive or which has no coordinates; it needs a name however! It's an infobox of things! So feel free to add it onto chemical elements if you like as its simpler than the older Skantlyn:Infobox element. It's up to you. I've created and added Wikidata driven infoboxes on over 82% of our articles on cywiki, and created Skantlyn:Pethau as a result of a request from User:Brwynog and suggestions on the Zoom meeting the other day. I don't mind at all if its not used on the chemical element articles, when they're created. It's a pity we don't have discussion on Wikiprojects and An tavern on kw-wiki, to focus and coordinate our work. PS What's the Kernewek word for 'things'? Llywelyn2000 (keskows) 16:06, 9 Kevardhu 2020 (UTC)Reply

Yow, Davydh. A yll'ta mires orth wikidata ranneves Vulpecula? Rag neb reson, an infobox a'th gevarwodh dhe Grus, kynth usi ow leverel Vulpecula. My a vynsa y janjya dhyworth Hanterkylgh Nevek an Dyghow dhe'n Gogledh, mes heb mar yma Grus yn Hanterkylgh an Dyghow. Ny wonn ow honen fatel wrav chanjya henna. Brwynog (keskows) 22:14, 24 Hedra 2021 (UTC)Reply

yth esa kamm yn elven wikidata, yth o d:Q10563 yn le d:Q10519 DavydhT (keskows) 20:36, 25 Hedra 2021 (UTC)Reply
Dell hevel nag eus edhomm gorra qid yn Infobox Taklow mars eus an erthygel kelmys dhe'n elven wikidata. DavydhT (keskows) 20:58, 25 Hedra 2021 (UTC)Reply
Meur ras dhis. Ewn yw lemmyn Brwynog (keskows) 22:15, 25 Hedra 2021 (UTC)Reply